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Impeccable cargo handling, and nothing short, is what we work on !

With a strategically built warehouse, where cargo carting or container stuffing can take place in any weather condition – we ensure customers cut-offs and schedules are met as planned.

Dedicated and trained staff at various levels, ensure your cargo is handled with utmost care and stacked in the best possible manner – with dedicated times lines for each operation.

With a long standing experience in the trade, ACTL can handle various types of cargo, like ready made garments, chemicals in bags/barrels, rice, food items, handicrafts, garment on hangers, wooden/steel pallets, rugs/bails, machinery, construction equipment, tyres, built/broken down automobiles and earth moving equipment to name a few.

ACTL warehouse is CTPAT compliant with a special focus on security (CCTV cameras, motion sensors and intrusion alarms), fire protection and safety of cargo, equipment and personnel.