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Very imperessed with the management and procedures.
- EmaQyetza, US Customs & Border Protection

Excellent facility with strong access controls. Dedicated to securing it.
- Trudy Ruttand, US Customs & Border Protection

A most impressive facility. Excellent systems and management controls. It is heartning to see the best of what India can offer. A jewel in our Import/ Export land scape.
- PradeepPuri, IL&FS

Excellent convergence of planning, foresight and execution skills. ACTL will make a big difference to its customers.
- Faisal Ashraf, Mitsui India

Impressed by how clean and effective operations appear!
- Fredrick Grill, Maersk

Very nice facility, impressive customer service.
- Jeff Ervin, Walmart

The facility and the people are impressive
- Kenneth Glenn, APL

One of the most impressive facilities I’ve seen – thank you!
- T.Kelly, Coldwater Creek

A very clean and tidy facility with good standards of operation.
- Steve B, Debenhams Retail UK

A  superb operation with very strong management.
- Garry Cobbing, Uniserve Group